Consistently Inconsistent

I have been on thirty nanny trips with seven different families. That’s not including the times that I have joined family vacations in Disney World because I was already in Orlando. I really love traveling with different families and experiencing new things with the children I nanny for. I want to start writing about my different trips as a way to remember them. I will force myself to write about them as often as I can. This website is a way for me to document my trips. Especially those before Instagram, if I can dig up photos and memories of them. If it helps someone travel better with children or realize that they want to travel more then that’s awesome. Talk to me about it. Enjoy the places I have been.

My life for the past four years has been a blur of traveling with families, traveling by myself, and staying with families wherever they are locally. I’m consistently inconsistent. I am exactly where I need to be when it’s necessary. One of my families calls me nanny McPhee because I tend to show up at the right times over the years.

If someone would have told me five years ago that this would be my life, I would have laughed. I always wanted a daytime job probably at a daycare with minimal vacation time to travel. When I started college right out of high school, I actually planned on being a nurse. I revisited that idea this year, took a test, and was accepted into nursing school. As the time grew nearer I decided that being a nurse wasn’t for me yet. Maybe one day but not now.

I am settled, just not in the way that everyone expects. Most of the time, I enjoy not knowing what I will be doing in a month or where I will end up going. There are few times when I long for a schedule. A set income. Consistency. However, I know my life is predictably unpredictable. It’s consistently inconsistent.



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