Where it all began…

181812_3990391650110_1778402509_nIn 2012 my best friend Casey became a nanny for a family with two, soon to be three children. When the youngest was two weeks old they decided to take a trip to New York City. They decided that it would be better to have another set of eyes with them. Lucky for me, I was asked to come along. Traveling in the care with three young children actually went better than we thought it was going to go. The girls were 4 and 6. They watched DVDs and colored pictures. We had a huge bag full of snacks that was really helpful. The baby had to adjust to eating in his carseat but he got used to it and is now one of the best traveling partners I have.

New York was fun! Casey and I got to go off on our own once and were gifted with Wicked tickets for Christmas. Most of our time in NYC was spent watching the baby while the parents took the girls to different outings. We did some things as a group. We went to a WVU basketball game, met Santa at Macy’s, and went to Times Square. We weren’t there long but we got a lot done.

Since I was a second nanny I went on the trip for free but did not get paid extra. Honestly the Wicked tickets made it worth it. Now I get to go on trips as the primary nanny. I get to go experience new places for free while getting paid for it. I really love going on trips with families. I am going back to all of my adventures but some I remember less than others. I should have started this blog sooner…. oops.



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